Choosing a domain name is very important and to get success in blogging, your domain name also matters.  Also, your domain name can make a difference on your ranking. If you have not chosen your domain name correctly, you should choose your domain name carefully.

 In this article, we will give you complete information about choosing the best domain name for your blog or website.  Before choosing a domain name, we know what the name is?

 What is a domain name?

 Domain: The domain is basically the URL of your website.  Examples: Google.Com (Google.Com is the domain), Facebook.Com (Facebook.Com is the domain).

 When you type the name of a site in your browser to visit a website, it is the domain name.  In short, a domain name is like your address.

 Domain names are associated with extensions, there are many types of extensions such as: - .Com, .In, .Net, .Org etc.

 How to choose a good domain name

 Your blog niche (topic)

 Before choosing a domain name, you need to keep in mind what is the niche of your blog or website?  What is your blog about what is the main topic of your blog.

 For example, if you want to build your blog about Health & Fitness, you must have a domain name that contains words related to Health & Fitness.

 Examples of some health and fitness websites - FatBurnigman, MuscleForLife, BornFection etc.  This is where you can get ideas for your blog or website.

 Whatever your blog is, choose a domain name with a related keyword.

 Like I have a tech blog, I put my domain name Nadantech, thus you should put keywords in the domain name of your blog.

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 Keep the domain name short and simple.

 The shorter your domain name, the better, because a shorter domain name will allow the user to remember your domain name easily.

 You have to keep your domain name for at least 15 words, not more than 15 words.

 Also, avoid using numbers in domain names and keep simple words in the domain name that the user can remember and type with ease.

 Testing on social media platforms.

 Before registering your domain name, check if the username is available on social media with that name because you have to build a brand.

 There are many websites with the help of which you can know whether the username is available or not.

 Websites for checking usernames - Namechk.Com, Namecheckr.Com etc.

 Domain name extension

 Domain names are associated with extensions, there are many types of extensions such as: - .Com, .In, .Net, .Org etc.

 Of this, the .com extension is the most popular and mostly uses this extension.  Apart from which country you want to separate your website, you can also choose the domain name extension according to it like - .In, .Uk, .Us etc.

 I would suggest you to use this extension .Com, .In, .Net, .Org, .Co, .Info.

 Domain name generator

 If you still don't know which domain name I should keep, you can use the domain name generator.

 There are many websites with which you can get ideas for your domain name.

 Domain Name Generator Website -, etc.

 Just you have to go to these websites and enter any one keyword, you will get many domain names related to it.

 Suppose I have entered a keyword tech, then I will get suggestions related to tech, such as - TechHome, TechMedia, TechStar Limited.

 Friends, I hope you know how to choose a domain name, so now you know how to buy a domain name?

 How to buy a domain name?

 You can buy your domain name from many companies like: - Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock Etc.

 If you buy a domain name from a company, first you have to create your account, only then you can buy your domain name.

 To create an account, you have to open the company site and you will sign up, after that you will get your username, password, email address etc.

 To fill all these information, then click on Produce Account.

 After the account is created, you will need to find your domain name, maybe the domain name you searched is bought by someone else, so you can search for another name.

 You can buy domain name for a certain time like: - 1 year, 2 years, 5 years etc.

 Domain names you can buy extensions like: - .Com, .In, .Net, .Org though there are some differences in their price.  Just choose your domain name and buy now.

 Payment can be made through debit / credit card, net banking, etc.

 The conclusion

 Friends, I hope you know how to choose a domain name and how to buy a domain name and if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends.  If you want to ask anything, you can comment.