How to wright blog post 

Best way to wright right SEO Friendly article, First of all, search on your keyword and see how much search is done on whose work, according to that, choose a keyword first. it's help to easy rank in Google.
How to write blog in google

After selecting the keyword.,

After your keywords are selected, you have to write a post on the keyword that you are working on, choose a keyword. Suppose health and fitness or how to write a blog post, you should use it at least 10 to 20 times in your article. 
Do not do it in different paragraphs, so that all the keywords should be put in the same paragraph.

Best way to wright blog Article 

The best way to write blog articles is to design them properly. You should keep the main man's word highlighted or bold or underlined. You do not write any paragraph too big, you shorten each paragraph. 
Best way to wright blog Article
Explain in detail by taking small details, give complete information to your article and in this article, your website remains engaged.  Which is easy to rank in Google and user reads your website for a long time

By giving small heading sub heading title to small titles that you write your article, the length of your article should be at least 1000 to 2000, it will rank well in Google, you get easy traffic.

Friends can write an article well in some ways, if you do not learn how to write an article after this article, then you will never learn to write an article.

So friends, I hope you have liked this article, then if you liked it, then definitely share it with your friends, in this I know how you can get your blog website ranked in Google

How to write blog in google

Google is the largest platform in the world and the most search is found on this Google, to hang your website on Google or to write the article blog of your website on Google and it does not take a little time for you to get it done.  Work with and do regular work, then you can achieve success here quickly.